News of the Week: no, Corona beer is not affected by the coronavirus

News of the Week: no, Corona beer is not affected by the coronavirus

While the WHO does not define whether the coronavirus is an epidemic or a pandemic, it is good to protect ourselves from infodemic – information overload

If you can’t take any more reading or hearing about coronavirus and went to your favorite Digital Marketing and Technology blog to get away from the topic, well… maybe you’ll be disappointed. My expectation, however, is that the news I chose to highlight in our weekly blogpost will bring you good thought and encourage you to be a more complete person.

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No, Corona beer is not affected by the coronavirus

Since the first weeks of the emergence of the coronavirus, there has been a debate: is it an epidemic or a pandemic? The definition is technical and based on the number of countries affected. On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced, from the beginning, that we were dealing with an infodemia . That is, too much information, often false.

Of course, it is important to know the basics to prevent the disease, as well as its main symptoms and what to do in case of suspected contagion. This is not disputed. However, with the agenda on the rise, some news ends up having more prominence than they should. This week, for example, we had a case related to marketing.

There was a lot of circulation, especially on social networks (always them!), a survey showing that Corona beer was having a disastrous drop in sales. A much smaller problem compared to the deaths and isolation of entire cities, but it ended up gaining prominence in this infodemia. Almost comical relief in the midst of fear.

So, many people shared the “news”, without even going beyond the headlines. Overall, they focused on the statistic that 38% of Americans would have stated that they would not buy Corona beer under any circumstances in this coronavirus period. That’s a lot, it would be a total of 124 million people – and a huge loss!

But, however, Corona, virus

Without going into the merits – but it is always worth emphasizing – that there is absolutely nothing to do between Corona beer and the coronavirus, as this in itself is absurd, it is always good to take a look at the research methodology. According to CNN, it was made with just 737 beer drinkers in the United States. So it is.

Another fact that gained prominence was the fall in the shares of the owner of Corona, Constellation Brands, a reflection of the connection with the coronavirus. Well, stock exchanges around the world have fallen, and none have companies listed with “corona” in their name. What almost nobody said: Corona Extra sales rose 5% between January and February, the height of panic.

And speaking of marketing, Corona was charged for keeping the pace of posts on social media, without changing the strategy or images of cold beer in the sun. In a statement to the Fast Company website, a spokesperson for the brand said the obvious: “our consumers understand that there is no connection between the virus and our business.”


In the end, the coronavirus is still between an epidemic and a pandemic. For now, in addition to basic hygiene care, we must protect ourselves from this infodemia. Discernment with what we pass on to other people is important, in every way, even more so in this time of fear.

Twitter tests “stories” exclusively in Brazil

In another novelty that no one asked for, but even so Twitter decided to launch, Fleets arrived exclusively in Brazil. They are nothing more than Stories from the social network of the bird that, if approved by Brazilians, will be expanded globally.

By approved I mean used, since the average tweeter complains about everything, but ends up adopting all the features that are pushed to him.

Fleets can be text, image or both mixed together. Other users will not be able to publicly interact with your tweetstory, that is, no RTs and likes, just DMs. They will also disappear after 24 hours.

According to the official statement on the Twitter blog , the idea is to encourage people to post again as in the early days, when even the initial screen had the message “What are you doing?”. Thus, tweets would appear more ephemeral and more urgent.

And why us? “Since Brazil is one of the countries where people talk the most on Twitter, with many of you passionate about talking and following other Brazilians on the platform, we are excited to test the new functionality here,” says the blogpost.

WhatsApp launches night mode

WhatsApp is the latest app to launch its night mode. If you are unfamiliar with the term, this is a “dark” version of the app. In theory, this affects users’ vision less, postponing in a few years the inevitable injuries that we will all have when we spend hours looking at the cell phone instead of the beautiful world around.

The launch video is very humorous, by the way. It goes back to insomnia and inconvenient alerts that we forget to turn off at night and, when we wake up, ruin our health in the long run. However, as zapzap used “Sounds of Silence” in the ad’s soundtrack, we can give it a discount.

All kidding aside, always use apps sparingly. Don’t see night mode as an excuse to spend more time talking to your contacts or messing around with a group. I’m not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, but please know that I care about your well-being.

LinkedIn launches playlists on Spotify

In yet another incredible crossover of internet titans, LinkedIn has launched a complete package of music playlists on Spotify .

For now, I just enjoyed the “Refine & Focus” playlist, which I really liked. These are soft themes to help the person focus. I even wrote this post to the sound of the songs available there. I will let you judge if the result was good or not.

RD launches Relationship Marketing Week

Do you want to know how to attract new customers and relate effectively? Then watch the Relationship Marketing Week between March 23rd and 27th. You will see that, increasingly, it is worth dedicating actions to create customer proximity.