How to delight the customer: the 7 techniques that nobody told you now revealed!   

Customer Service


How to delight the customer, is that what you want to know? Do you also want to know how to sell more by delighting the customer?

In short: do you want to know how to delight the customer and sell more?

There are some secrets that you haven’t been told about how to delight and promote customer loyalty.

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In fact, there are some practices that you can implement in your company, as long as you do it without letting any details slip.

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Take a look at what awaits you!

7 tips on how to delight the customer:

  1. Know everything about your customer
  2. Show him that you know him very well
  3. Make your customer feel at ease
  4. Prove to your customer that he can trust you
  5. Initially, meet your needs
  6. Then, surprise him: exceed your expectations
  7. don’t let this experience end

Delighting customers is exceeding their expectations

Imagine that you are the owner of a network of car stereo installation stores and you are going to visit 2 suppliers looking for news to improve your product mix.

At the first supplier, he is very well received on time and taken to a meeting room where he meets several executives. They give a detailed presentation of their releases in PowerPoint and even have some of the sound equipment on display.

At the second vendor, the experience is similar. But at the end of the presentation, you are invited to take a ride in a sports car with one of the company’s best equipment ever installed. You answer a quick electronic questionnaire about your music preferences, and one of the company’s sales executives takes you on a tour to your favorite tunes.

Then, as they drive the car, they demonstrate all the benefits of the equipment to delight their customers and sell more.

Do you already understand how the recipe of how to delight customers and sell more works?!

How to Delight Customers and Sell More: 7 Steps You Can Follow!

We have selected a series of tips for those who want to discover how to delight their customers. You will see that these are simple attitudes, but they need to be implemented with care and attention to detail.

In fact, the ideal is that you develop in your company a culture of customer service with excellence.

For this, there is a tripod of factors that needs to sustain this enchantment: people, interaction with customers, the infrastructure provided by the company.

The sum of these factors leads to an amazing experience for the customer, ensuring the sustainability of the business for the future.

Check out this chart that summarizes how this “success formula” is used at Disney:

1- Know everything about your customer

Many people believe that delighting customers is being kind, kind, smiling all the time, and giving freebies. It helps? Help. Is it part of the customer enchantment formula? He does.

But it’s not enough. And more: if it is done without sincerity, it may even upset your customers!

The first step for anyone who wants to know how to delight the customer is to find out what he really wants.

At Disney, for example, employees (or cast, as they say!) are trained to “spy on” customer comments to see what they like and what isn’t. Thus, they can always improve their experience and adjust processes.

2- Show him that you know him very well

You’ve heard this phrase before:

– Wow, how did you know that this was exactly the gift I wanted?

This type of response shows that you know these people deeply. Who cares about her and wants to help her get everything she needs.

So make this clear to your customer as well.

You can use phrases like this:

– Remember that suggestion you gave to include uploaded images in the system? It’s ready!

– Look, I haven’t forgotten about that issue of deliveries only after 7:30 am at the south branch, everything resolved with the carrier!

– Tomorrow I will visit a client near your company. How about lunch at your favorite steakhouse?

3- Make your customer feel at ease

Is there anything worse than talking to someone and feeling that this person is “full of fingers” without connecting with you?

To break the ice before going into business details with your client, it is ideal to use the knowledge you have about them, including personal ones, to get into something they like.

So, if you know he’s a tennis fan, comment on a game you’ve seen. Or if he talks a lot about international travel, ask for advice and suggestions for a place to visit. People love helping others with things they believe are “experts”! 

Just avoid at all costs subjects that could be controversial, such as politics and religion.

When the customer gets in tune with you through a personal identification like these, it’s already halfway to channeling them!

4- Prove to your customer that he can trust you

Just showing that you know him and generating a connection is not enough to delight the customer.

After all, both you and he are there to close deals and show results. So present hard data that shows you’ve had success with other customers, interesting cases from companies using your solution.

The ideal, too, is how the solution used by the client starts to have the desired effects, create a presentation and show everything he has achieved with the help of your company. It may be necessary to request data for it. So, invite them to give a testimonial, put together a professional-grade video, and ask for their permission to share it.

5- Initially, meet your needs

The enchantment process is gradual. Follow the steps presented calmly. Don’t go too thirsty for the postage, it can amaze your customer!

Get to know him, create an identity, meet his needs, and when he thinks he “just finished” serving you, take the next step.

6- Then, surprise him: exceed your expectations

It’s like the example we gave right at the beginning: the service provided to entrepreneurs looking for new car stereo suppliers was very good at both companies.

But the second one exceeded expectations, went further and, thus, knew how to delight the customer.

Thus, there were two moments that the customer will remember: the first was when he was satisfied with the good service. The second was an incredible surprise that enchanted him. This creates a climax, something he will hardly forget.

7- Don’t let this experience end

After this first achievement, it is important to continue to maintain a relationship that continues to delight the customer.

For that, you must always innovate, launch new products and services, and be creative. Keep in touch and continue to show that you know him better and that he can not only satisfy his needs, but also surprise him at any time.

That’s what he wants. But, whenever possible, deliver that extra something. That’s what will delight your customer!