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Want to learn the best sales tips to improve your skills? 

Every self-respecting salesperson knows that to sell he needs continuous improvement.

After all, experience is not enough, it is necessary to be constantly open to new learning.

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As we know that many salespeople spend most of their time with clients, going from one meeting to the next, and that good salesperson are equipped with technology, blogs emerge as a great source of knowledge.

Exchanges of experiences, short posts, practical tips and a lot of hands-on work is what we gain by following the sales blogs.

Also, reading a post can be done while waiting for a customer to arrive for a meeting, or while waiting to be attended to.

For sellers who opt for taxi or public transport, it is still possible to read more between trips to and from the office and meetings.

Now that you know the benefits of a sales blog, you may be wondering: after all, which sales blogs should I read to become a better salesperson? What should I follow to keep evolving in my sales techniques and being at the forefront?

Knowing which sales blog to follow is just as important as the decision to read or not. After all, a misinterpreted insight, wrong instruction, or mistake can have disastrous results.

And we don’t want you to have that kind of problem. That’s why we’ve separated the most interesting sales blogs for you to follow. Surely they will help you make a difference in your sales routine.

Blogs to track and improve your sales skills

Searching sales blog: Meet 8!

#1. Diego Maia’s Blog

Diego Maia is a sales and management specialist, considered one of the greatest experts on the subject in the country. In addition to a blog, it features the Mondo Impresario program on MPB FM (90.3 RJ) and A Trade FM (103.7 Salvador Bahia) radio stations.

In addition to being a blogger, entrepreneur and broadcaster, Diego Maia is the author of the books “How to be a Successful Manager”, “History of True Sales Champions”, “How to Train and Train Sales Teams”, “Stories of Brokers” and audiobooks “30 Tips by Diego Maia to Turbo-charge your Career” and “30 Tips by Diego Maia on People Management”.

On his sales blog, Diego Maia shares lessons in sales and management, entrepreneurship and many insights that promise to open the minds of salespeople to new ideas.

Diego Maia’s tips for being a sales expert.

#2. Super Sellers

The Super Sellers is a blog formed by two professional sales specialists: Leandro Munoz Moreira and Kindler quarry.

The duo is passionate about sales and wants to help salespeople to specialize more and more through reading tips, interviews, posts and many tips that can be put into practice immediately.

If you need valuable tips on negotiation, entrepreneurship, sales approach and relationship, you will find many useful lessons in the Super Sellers blog.

Super Sellers: tips to become a super seller. No pun intended.

#3. Radio Sales

Radio Venda’s is the name of the radio program by Leandro Branquinho, one of the most passionate people about sales in Brazil.

What started with a radio show today is a column on several radio, newspaper and internet stations in Brazil, in addition to giving name to Leandro Branquinho’s blog.

Because of this beautiful work, Branquinho is a columnist for Revisit Venda Mays, one of the largest magazines aimed at salespeople in Brazil.

Leandro Branquinho describes himself as a salesman and sales speaker, and we can see his passion for sales stamped on his body: he has a tattoo written “I love selling” on his arm.

The coolest thing about the Radio Venda’s blog is that you won’t find posts, but rather 1 or 2-minute audio pills with practical tips and killer examples of how to be a better salesperson.

Are you too lazy to read? Just play and listen to your precious lessons.

How about listening to Leandro Branquinho’s killer sales tips?

#4. Endeavor Sales Blog

The Endeavor is one of the main funding organizations to entrepreneurship in the world and operating in Brazil since 2000. Its portal consists of various educational materials such as eBooks, presentations, spreadsheets, and successes facing entrepreneurship and who thinks big.

Its sales materials are very rich created with the support of other entrepreneurs and great market leaders with a focus on sales tips and sales strategies for those who are starting their business or already have a certain maturity in the market, but want to grow theirs. Business.

Endeavor: more than a blog, a reference for those who want to grow

#5. BizRevolution

The BizRevolution is a marketing and sales consulting firm led by Ricardo Magadha’s Jordan, which by its very definition is “The Head Office Adrenaline, creator of Epicenter and BizRevolution “.

BizRevolution’s website is its own blog. Ricardo was probably the first entrepreneur in the country to turn his website into a blog.

The highlight of the blog is that it has more than 10 years of written pages, since BizRevolution exists since 1999, and it has been a blog since 2001.

Here any salesperson can soak up the knowledge of sales that are completely out of the ordinary.

If you need to develop a whole new sales mindset and get away from old precepts and lessons, BizRevolution is the right sales blog to help you be a sales expert.

BizRevolution: over 10 years of archives and sales tips.

#6. Sell More

Many of you may already know VendaMais. The most complete sales magazine in Brazil in the market for 20 years and directed by Raul Candelabra, one of the greatest specialists in the field of sales and management in Brazil and author of more than 15 books on sales.

Even if you already subscribe to the magazine, we find it interesting and recommend reading the VendaMais Blog with tips on sales management and high performance.

A place where salespeople, supervisors, sales managers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and sales representatives can find practical information, tips, experiences, inspiration and motivation to sell more and serve their customers better.

VendaMais offers tips and tools that will help you develop as a salesperson and, consequently, sell more

#7. Guillermo March ado’s Blog

The Guillermo Machado works in sales for over 15 years as a real estate broker, manager, coach, consultant and currently speaker.

His sales blog focuses on day-to-day real estate issues with the aim of improving brokers’ sales results through rich materials such as articles, free eBooks, videos and, of course, inspirational talks that will get you out. Of sameness.

Nationally rated as one of the best content produced in the Real Estate segment, it is worth putting it on your reading list!

Guillermo Machado’s Tips for Realtors on Sales Strategy

#8. Scheduler Blog

Of course we want you to remember our sales blog. After all, the Agenda blog works to enable salespeople, commercial managers and entrepreneurs to sell more.

We know how important knowledge and improvement is to sales, and we want all salespeople to become sales experts.

That’s why we share our best sales tips on a weekly basis, which we learn from our experience and relationships with our customers. Whenever you want to be a better seller, we’re here to help.

Blog do Agenda or: here you can also find free tips and materials to be a better seller.

Prepare to read your favorite sales blog

Now that you have more than enough sales blog referrals to hone your knowledge, all you need to do is get into the habit of reading and following up on your new favorite sales blogs daily.

Certainly, the sales tips that each specialist and each company have to offer will help you to be a better salesperson on a daily basis.