10 tips on how to sell insurance and hit your goals!



Good or bad news for professionals in the field?

It all depends on the point of view. For a pessimist, this “glass is half empty”, there are few people interested in buying insurance.

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For an optimistic seller, this means that 80% of people have not yet realized the value and advantages of having life insurance: there is a huge market to be conquered!

In this post, we’ve selected some insurance sales tips that can be very useful both for professionals in the area and for other sellers dealing with this type of complex sale that involves rational and very careful purchase decision-making.

Here are some great insurance selling techniques, as well as how to use a good insurance selling argument to be more effective.

And for extra tips, see how to sell life insurance!

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How to Sell Insurance: 10 Insurance Selling Tips You Need to Know

According to Ricardo Muller – insurance specialist – in an article published by Exam magazine:

“The insurance broker of the future is the one that delights the client through an adequate assistance, and that, using the correct techniques and tools, makes him realize the universe of vulnerabilities to which he is exposed”.

If you usually read our blog, you’ve noticed that, in order to know how to sell, some insurance sales techniques are the same as for other types of services or products:

  • Charm, that is, positively surprise the customer;
  • Use the right tools, like a CRM system, for example;
  • Show the value of purchasing the solution offered, in this case, an insurance policy.

1- Know the insurance market

It can be practically impossible to sell anything, especially for those who work in B2B companies, without a deep understanding of their market.

Do your homework and know the position your company occupies in the market, its market share and the strength of your brand.

Know who your biggest competitors are and what your products’ differentials are. Which company sells the cheapest? Which ones have high quality products? Which ones have the best service? Etc.

There is no way to sell insurance without being able to explain to your client how your company is the best option in the market for them!

2- Define some business segments, your ideal customers

It is very difficult to sell to “any company”.

Study the characteristics of your company’s insurance and find out which areas of business activity are best suited to them.

For example, if large aircraft insurance is a product that is not your company’s specialty, it might not be a good idea to look for clients in this field.

But if you have good insurance for corporate fleets, companies that have many salespeople or technicians visiting outside might be good customers for you.

Also study the size of these companies, number of employees, billing and other data that can make you’re prospecting for new customers more effective.

3- Know the real needs of these customers

What do your customers really need? After making the first contact, you need to demonstrate the value of your insurance solution. You need to show how it will help your customer reduce costs, increase revenue, or reduce risk.

One way to show customer value is by using the customer value equation.

4- Be known as “the guy” who understands insurance

Know absolutely every detail about your company’s insurance. Be recognized as a great expert in the field.

Make sure that when someone you know hears the question:

– Do you know any good insurance brokers?

He responds immediately:

– I know “the guy”!

And this guy, of course, is you!

5- Create a network of contacts

Made fame? Enjoy and create a network of relationships.

Use digital marketing tools such as online media, blogs and forums, and post useful content to your audience. Informative and relevant texts. No advertising of your company: squander good advice and tips!

Think about it: how to sell insurance if you don’t know a lot of people and show them all your knowledge in this field?

6- Stay tuned for news in the area

A highly regulated industry, such as insurance, could undergo major changes when a new law is enacted.

So, subscribe to newsletters, follow blogs, be part of associations and always be very well informed!

7- Use technology to your advantage

Did you see that you have a lot to do?

Use task organization softwaremobile apps and other specific technologies such as CRM tools and have all the information you need in the palm of your hand.

8- Work with a sales funnel

If you have a lot of customers, it’s hard to know in your head which stage of the sales process each of them is at.

With the help of a sales funnel, you will know who is prospecting, who is going to visit, present the company, make a proposal, negotiate or close a deal.

9- Follow-up is essential!

Forgetting to return a phone call or send an e-mail with information could end up with a sale that was sure!

And in the insurance area, where trust is paramount, this is even more serious.

Therefore, always monitor your relationship with customers and do not miss any commitment. Once again, good CRM software can help a lot…

10- Don’t abandon your customers after closing the sale

One of the insurance sales tips you can never forget is that you have become a sales consultant for your client.

Whenever he wants to use insurance, the first person he’ll call is you. Even if your company has a customer service platform with other agents who are more skilled in some technical and bureaucratic details, be sure to give the attention your customer expects from you.

Call and send e-mails asking if everything is fine and if things worked out the way he wanted.

This way, it will be much easier to renew the contracts and, who knows, to sell other types of insurance to that client.

EXTRA TIPS: How to sell life insurance?

Selling life insurance is very delicate, so we have selected some tips and tips on how to sell life insurance.

5 Tips for Selling Life Insurance

  1. When the client calls you to close an insurance policy linked to a major achievement, such as the residence you purchased, talk about life insurance;
  2. The birth of children or marriage are events that make us think about solidity and security, it is worth dealing with life insurance at these times;
  3. Don’t talk about death, talk about ensuring a peaceful life for loved ones;
  4. Show that person’s importance to the well-being of the one they love.

But what arguments do you use to sell life insurance? Check out!

Arguments for Selling Life Insurance

  1. Life insurance can be taken out early, as a form of reserve for emergencies;
  2. There are insurances that fit every pocket, there are some that are very affordable;
  3. The sooner you start paying for insurance, the cheaper it is;
  4. Insurance may also cover funeral expenses;
  5. Some insurance offers additional services and benefits for you to use now;
  6. Life insurance goes to the person the customer chooses.