How to advertise through WhatsApp to sell more


Do you advertise on WhatsApp to promote your sales? We’ve listed tips to get you started today

WhatsApp can pride itself on being an app with no ads, no games, no gimmicks, and you can still use the service to sell your product.

The application started to be part of Brazilians’ lives in 2012, gaining popularity for allowing the exchange of messages without you having to pay for the delivery, as happened with SMS.

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how to advertise through WhatsApp

How to advertise through WhatsApp

In 2014 the app was sold to Facebook for 19 billion dollars in cash and some shares. But the question here is: how can we use WhatsApp to help your business sell more?

WhatsApp is especially popular in countries where SMS is less accessible, or not included in phone plans – such as Brazil. People commonly use the app to get in touch with family and friends, and it ends up being used to bypass cell phone bills.

Small businesses can use WhatsApp for customers, communicate directly with them and close new sales. The new relationship between Facebook and WhatsApp makes this option even more intuitive.

Importance of social networks

Maintaining a presence on social media is crucial to building your brand. And while Facebook already allows you to keep in close contact with potential customers as well as fans, WhatsApp takes you to the next level of relationship.

By enabling messaging functionality between businesses and potential customers, communication can be even closer than and as immediate as and SMS. You can put your WhatsApp number on your website, business cards, and social media, letting your audience know you’re within reach of the app at any time.

Specialized companies, especially the sales team of marble arch have adopted WhatsApp as a communication tool.

Are you ready to use WhatsApp to sell more?

Which companies should make sales through Whastapp?

But, should your company participate in WhatsApp? Although the app does not have the same presence worldwide, in Brazil it is very popular.

It’s a way to connect with your market in real-time. Plus, it costs next to nothing, and it doesn’t require maintenance like other media, which need to actively create content all the time.

This is simply another way customers can reach you – and all you need is a phone number and a smartphone. Some sellers may be upset by their prospects having to answer their questions all the time. But, in addition to messages, WhatsApp already allows voice calls, and even conversations via browser, for Android users.

So, while replacing SMS, you end up replacing messaging applications as well as voice services such as Skype or Vibe. WhatsApp is not the death sentence for other media.

Responding to a deluge of queries via WhatsApp may not be the most ideal or sustainable way to do business. And if you’re doing SMS marketing, you should know that WhatsApp will soon replace text messaging marketing capabilities.

If you are unsure about how to use WhatsApp to sell and sell businesses, we’ve put together some useful tips for you to learn how to do business using WhatsApp.

The 4 tips on how to advertise through WhatsApp

See some tips on how to use WhatsApp commercially sending the right messages, at the right time and in the right way.

#1. Save contacts to phone

If you’re the type of salesperson who has multiple chips and thousands of loose numbers scattered across multiple devices, you won’t be able to give your customers the attention they deserve.

That’s because, you’ll hardly know who you’re talking to, know what they’ve already talked to and so on.

Self-respecting seller needs:

  • Use 1 single number;
  • Always save your contacts on your phone;
  • Keep your histories safe.

Many times you don’t remember a conversation, and your customer thinks you remember the information they exchanged.

If you don’t have the history, you may end up lost and have to confess to your client that you don’t remember what they talked about.

#two. Record audios

Most customers have questions and doubts when they receive an advertisement through WhatsApp. So how to respond?

Be proactive and have a stock of audios with simple answers ready on your device to answer your customers’ questions.

This way, you respond to your customer quickly, and in addition to not having to recreate the same responses over and over again, you spend less time than typing the same response. Thus, your WhatsApp becomes a dynamic and fast relationship channel with your customers.

#3. Spread thank you messages

You can’t be a good salesperson on your own.

You can only be a good salesperson thanks to your customers.

So, never fail to thank them.

If you’ve won an award, hit your sales target, or are simply happy to close new sales, thank your current customers.

They are the ones who make this possible.

Sincere and personalized thanks represent a low-cost, high-impact marketing action.

Customers are happy while their level of trust increases.

And you know very well the importance of satisfying customers and making them happy!

Use WhatsApp to share thank you messages to your customers.

#4. Use the videos to your advantage

Suppose you are a real estate agent and want to be more assertive in your presentations.

Often companies launch advertisements on open TV and forget to create a video for WhatsApp.

Make videos for your customers, showing, for example, a new product, a new application for an old product, or even offering a discount coupon on a new service.

This is a great way to use WhatsApp commercially.

It never hurts to send video content to your customers.

Are you ready to implement WhatsApp in your sales?

Now that you know how to advertise through WhatsApp, and that it serves not just as an app to chat with friends and family, are you ready to engage your customers with this powerful app?

In addition to being a simple tool to keep your customer close, the application is very useful in various stages of sales.

You can, for example, qualify leads, present, and post-sales only with WhatsApp.

By the way, you can make sales through WhatsApp, why not?

Finally, when you give your WhatsApp to your customers they realize that you won’t run away.

It is important that they understand that it will not be a way to send advertising through WhatsApp.

In fact, if he needs it, they have his phone number handy, to ask questions or solve any problems.