Understand what referral marketing is and how to apply it to your agency’s clients

Understand what referral marketing is and how to apply it to your agency’s clients

Referral Marketing is a great strategy to leverage the results of your agency’s clients. See practical tips on how to use it

Have you ever heard the expression “word of mouth”? It is about situations in which a person likes a product or service so much that they recommend it to other people. The referral marketing is a remodeled form of this concept.

Think about the current market scenario and consumption habits. It is possible to observe that people no longer just want to consume. They are in a constant search for new experiences. 

When you manage to align your deliveries to the public’s wishes, ensuring a satisfying customer experience, it makes them recommend your company. And that’s how referral marketing is built.

We at Layer Up have a successful case working on this concept. By restructuring the Playcenter Group’s planning and strategies, we managed to increase its revenue by 1,529.04%. Therefore, in this article we are going to share some tips on the subject, using the case as an example, so that you can take advantage of this concept with your agency’s clients as well.

Going deeper into referral marketing

Now that you know the concept, let’s talk about the practical part . Working on referral marketing involves a set of strategies that facilitate decision making at the time of purchase through referral and recommendation from other users.

Basically, it is a customer who becomes a spontaneous promoter of your brand and naturally influences other people to purchase your product or service as well. After all, many people look for testimonials or second opinions when considering a purchase.

Reference marketing can also be considered a journey , as there is a path that the customer takes from the moment he knows your brand until he is enchanted with the deliverable. In order for it to be faithful to your business, it is interesting to offer something that complements your experience.

How to implement this concept?

It is clear that, for the customer to become a promoter of the company, it is necessary for him to have a positive opinion about the journey he has covered . Therefore, we have separated some tips that work here at the agency for you to apply with your clients as well:

Build customer loyalty

Loyalty strategies go hand in hand with referral marketing. Therefore, study ways to implement a loyalty program according to the profile of the companies you serve, aligning the number of customers they currently have and how much they intend to reach.

Our case, the Playcenter Group, had difficulty keeping the customer who was already engaged in its base .

While studying the best way to improve this relationship, we developed a specific plan for Playmania , an advantage club that offers discounts at the park to attract, qualify and convert leads.

We created flows and campaigns to publicize the new advantages, which yielded a growth of 53.4% ​​in a one-year period.

We also developed specific journeys for another front – children’s birthday parties. We made a special communication for those who had already celebrated in the customer’s space.

Altogether there were 29 automation flows and more than 40,839 Leads converted, generating demand through digital channels.

Be present on social media

To generate recognition and especially reach, it is necessary to be present on social networks. But, before publishing, create a schedule that talks directly to the public, working on their desires, pains and needs.

In our case, this strategy was used to reformulate communication and attract users to all fronts: parks, birthday parties in the space and school excursions.

Provide a good shopping experience

Yes, we have already mentioned the importance of providing customer satisfaction, but the shopping experience is one of the crucial factors of referral marketing, as it is from this point that it effectively becomes a promoter.

It is essential to offer excellent service , concerned not only with selling, but with helping others to achieve what they want . This factor helps a lot in loyalty.

To apply this concept to the Playcenter Group, we allocated a Sales Development Representative (SDR), a pre-sales professional who served the public during the commercial stage, answering questions and offering all the support even before the purchase.

Evaluate your customer experience

Considering the entire process, from the search for a product or service, through purchase to use, it is necessary to understand more deeply how the experience of consumers in general is.

Receiving this feedback is important to find points for improvement, understand what they liked the most, what were the main benefits of purchasing the product or service and the reason for choosing your client’s company .

This was also a process adopted in the Playcenter Group’s party planning . The objective was to optimize bottlenecks, delivering a better service, in addition to understanding the ideal time to get back in touch, with more strategic flows.

Is it possible to apply referral marketing in an e-commerce?

With all the changes in consumption habits and the transformation that has been taking place in the market, it is necessary to develop strategies that improve the e-commerce Sales process as well. During the pandemic we could see a growth in online stores, and you as an agency have probably already had contact with a client of this type.

In addition to implementing all the strategies that have already been mentioned, there are other ways to take advantage of these indications without putting a completely commercial image behind the experiences that appear on your page.

In this case, the ideal is to create a space for customers to share their experiences on the very page where the product or service is being sold. It is possible to place categories such as evaluation of service, merchandise, shipping and delivery time.

In this way, anyone interested in buying the product will be directly influenced by the opinion of people who have already used it .

It is also worth deploying this method on your customer’s e-commerce social networks, so that you can repost the opinions shared by them in real time, helping to improve your reputation and bringing more engagement.

The Playmania e-commerce referral marketing strategy

In addition to leveraging the Playmania advantage club with more offers and good communication, we decided to take it a step further: we developed an e-commerce.

Through the site, the user could purchase a card and load it with offers, avoiding lines at the park and saving fun time. In this way, we improve the customer experience and facilitate the purchase process.

After carrying out this planning and applying automations, nutrition and shots, there was an expansion of 298.22% in the number of registered in the club, going from an average of 730 monthly registrations to 1,938 new Leads per month.

By analyzing these results, it is possible to understand how referral marketing can be effective for your company or brand.

Case Playcenter: The practical example of benchmark marketing that won the “Best Marketing and Sales Case” category at the Agências de Resultados

The Playcenter case that we show in this article was so successful that it led Layer Up to be the winner of the Results Agencies Award , in the Best Marketing and Sales Case category, in 2019. The award is a way for RD to give visibility to the agencies that most become highlighted during the year.

With over 2,000 participants, the award takes place annually on the eve of RD Summit (or Hostel by RD Summit, as it was last year) and crowns the best agencies in the country.

How about getting inspired by the post tips to create a Marketing and Sales success story too? We still have a few months until this year’s awards, and I’ll bet you’d like to take your agency’s name to the podium.